Chalkidiki or Halkidiki as some know it is a three-pronged peninsula, located in Northern Greece, roughly in the center of Macedonia. To the North it shares borders with the prefecture of Thessaloniki the country's second largest city. To the South, East and West Chalkidiki juts into the Aegean Sea. The main peninsula terminates in three smaller ones, namely Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos, well known as the Holy Mountain (an independent administrative district). Boundless blue … endless sandy beaches and beautiful shores in over 550 km , awarded with many blue flags .Deep green … fragrant pine trees embracing the waves , a smell of resin and salt sea air. A unique combination in the Aegean! Halkidiki , a fertile place, rich in flora and animal life , colours and scents , fertility and harmony. Silvery olive groves, golden fields of grain and endless vineyards produce rich harvests.


Olympiada is on the north-east point of Chalkidiki. Tradition says that Olympiada was named after king Alexander's mother, Olympiada. Olympiada is on the Strimonikos Gulf and it's distance to Thessaloniki is about 80 km of easy driving. The new Egnatia motorway, is the largest and newest motorway in Greece, and connects Olympiada to many cities as well as to countries in the north borders of Greece such as Bulgaria, Romania etc. 1 km to the East of Olympiada you will find the village Stagira, the home town of the great philosopher Aristotle. Olympiada is built at the side of a natural harbor. It is surrounded by a lot of magnificent beaches, green mountains and forests.

Beaches in Olympiada

Olympiada has some of the most amazing beaches in Chalkidiki. Every year the municipality of Aristotelis (where the village of Olympiada belongs) won many blue flags. A blue flag is an award taken for high quality sandy beaches and clear water.

The nearest beach from Yasoo Holidays (2 minutes walk) is inside the Olympiada village. This is the most suitable for children as it deepens gradually and has many shops around, taverns etc.

Many other organised beaches are nearby with beach bars, umbrellas, sport facilities etc. In the area of Olympiada (from 1 minute to 10 minutes car drive from Yasoo Holidays) there are about 10-15 beautiful beaches. Some of them are organised providing facilities like bars and tavernas while others are more "natural" with fewer people and more private.


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