Dear Guest,

We wish that you and your family are doing fine during this unfortunate period of pandemic.
It truly is a strange period and it affected everyone a lot, but we are determined to keep walking, no matter what.

General Info

For reasons of absolute clarity I would like to outline the following points:

  • Hotels in Greece will be open on 8th of June. Some hotels may be allowed to open on 1st of June.
  • Greece is doing extremely well in managing the pandemic crisis. If you look at the official World Health Office statistics, you will easily find out that Greece is in a very good state.
  • I think this is a proof that the Greek health system is of high standard but also that the management of the pandemic was done very effectively.
  • Olympiada is a small village with many beaches, and that makes it an ideal destination to avoid crowded holidays.
  • As you know, our apartments complex is a very small one, and has huge playgrounds around. Also we don't have any central ventilators/AC that are found in bigger hotels. According to scientific findings avoiding central A/C systems is very good protection measure.
  • We will comply with all the protocols that will be issued by the Hellenic Tourism Organisation regarding cleaning etc.
  • The same will be done with all businesses involved in the tourism chain such as beach bars, tavernas, shops etc. EVERYTHING will be fully open on 1st of June, but there will be some constraints (for example table layout in tavernas will be a little bit sparser than usual, which is even better by the way :) )

Changes in our Cancellation Policy 

We inform you that you can cancel any time you like, up to ten days before your arrival, and your reservation will be refunded, no questions asked.
Also, even in the last ten days, if there is an OFFICIAL quarantine issued by the Greeks state or your own country, preventing you to transport, then again your reservation will be fully returned.
Best wishes for a joyful summer, and hope we meet you during the Summer!
The Yasoo team